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Professional and experienced in creating innovative and commercial products for a diverse customer base. Beautiful visuals and presentations. The choice of material quality and attention to garment construction are also taken into consideration for creating well-fitted and comfortable garment. Let me know your ideas and how I can help you create amazing products you would be proud of!

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Material Sourcing & Development

The right lace & material speak a thousand words into the soul of your design! I pride myself at selecting and custom designing your material.

Fashion Designs

I think beyond a 2D sketch and design around a 3D product. I can help you visualise your ideas through my professional computer drawings.

Create Collections

Designs, Materials, Colours and Prints... I can help you to put all these ideas together and create a beautiful collection that truely represents your style and your brand.

Design Specification

A clear explanation and detailed specification for the materials and the product aesthetic, such as; compositions, design dimensions, design details... etc.


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